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Best Fitness Tips for Improving Your Rugby Skills

Best Fitness Tips for Improving Your Rugby Skills


Improving your Rugby skills is actually more than just being confident with the ball, passing and throwing and making a clean kick.  While these are important the game is one of the most physically challenging forms of sport, so enhancing your overall fitness will impact on your whole game, and you will find it easier to improve your skills.  Here are some simple ways to do just that.


You Are What You Eat


Learn how to eat healthily and maximise the benefits of the food you eat.  While it is vital to get a good selection of all food groups, you will need more carbs and protein right before a game.  Many people falsely believe that carbohydrates are a no go, but that is not the case. It is crucial that they are eaten at the right time, and balanced with a good selection of lean meat protein when you are going to be training or playing in order to give your body the best chance.  During the week when you are not at a game or in the training room ensure you are also eating veg and fruit.


Think About Your Position


Where you play on the field makes a difference to your fitness plan.  Do you need the stamina to run, or are you going to be using a short, sharp burst of energy to make a quick sprint?  If you are a prop, you need to work on your core fitness and strength training as a priority over cardiovascular. Scrum-half or out-half players need to be flexible and ready to move, so a balance of cardio and kick practice applies here.


Keep Training Fresh


In order to ensure you are maximising fitness, you need to keep your training sessions fresh.  Going for a run then doing the same circuit of weights is not only dull, but it does not enable you to find weaknesses and deal with them.  Workouts need to be mixed up, try rotating interval training with strength training and stamina work to make sure you are targeting all muscles.  Pay attention to what part of the body is tiring first on the field and be sure to find exercises to target that.


Don’t Push an Injury


It is a long season, and while it might be tempting to power through an injury, you could end up knocking yourself right back to square one fitness wise.  Be sure to get yourself checked and understand what you have done – is it muscle, ligament or bone for example.  An osteopath could be a good bet if you are an amateur player that does not have access to a professional team. They can help you understand how to work with the injury without having to stop working altogether and, in some cases help you accelerate healing.  Be aware that if they tell you to rest for a few days it is with good reason and you really should heed that advice.  Playing on with an injury can lead to missing months rather than a week or so in the long run.









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