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The History Of Rugby 8’s

When it comes to rugby, there have been many different offshoots and variants of the game which people have played. This includes the Rugby 8’s, a popular option which has been performed. We’re going to be looking at the rich and exciting history of this particular sport, and how it has developed and progressed to the version which is played today.

So, when did Rugby 8 first come into existence?

Despite being a relatively recent sport, Rugby 8 has a very popular following, and it’s own set of rules and regulations. It was introduced in 2015 and was devised to follow on from the end of the regular home-and-away fixtures that took place in the Super League, then the Championship and also League One. The teams are then divided up into smaller groups of 8,  which is determined by their position they managed to finish in on the league table. From there, all teams then play an additional fixture, which sees them play it out against each one of the seven other teams in the system, and these victories and losses will determine their final standings in the game.

As we previously said, the entire system is very young, with this being the third year that it’s being played. However, the beginning of the system was not a good one, as it was opposed heavily by both players of the game and supporters of it, who felt that it was undue pressure put on the players, and almost cancelled out any and all hard work which was put in during the original competitions, and instead means that their placements in the final tournaments were dependent solely upon their wins and losses in those last matches. The games are played across a variety of different divisions, with all three of the current professional divisions playing host to the system. The system is set up in such a way that ensures everyone will play at least one game, and everyone will get a week not to play and recharge.

Overall, the history behind the Rugby 8’s is an interesting concept, and it did alter a lot of the structure and importance of each game that was played in any of the big tournaments. A lot of people were opposed to the idea at first and felt that it distracts from the original game. Players work hard to reach their positions within each division, and then they find out that they then have to play an all-new game and try and reach the top of that too. For a lot of people, this devalues the effort expended upon the games, to begin with, and means that players who have worn themselves out playing the entire season then have to try again and strive for the very top of this set of games too. However, despite the objections which people have, the system is set to take place next year and shows no signs of being retired or put away, which suggests that there’s even more of a history to come.

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Fitness Benefits Of Playing Rugby

Fitness Benefits Of Playing Rugby

Rugby is a sport which has been played for many many years, both in a professional and casual capacity. It’s something which a lot of people do, and there’s a lot of health benefits to be gained from playing. But what are the fitness benefits of rugby?

Improved physical capacity

Obviously, one of the first benefits which you’ll notice with rugby is that you’re getting into good shape. Rugby is something which can help you to get into shape, as you’re always on the move and pushing the body past what it can handle. This act of testing yourself constantly and working to be more and do more means that you’re getting faster, stronger and you can run for longer. Play for an extended period without the need to feel fatigued, and without having to stop.


One of the most apparent benefits of rugby is that you do pick up some muscle tone. Have you ever looked at a traditional rugby player? They’re usually big and well built because they’re forever training themselves and pushing themselves. They’re often crashing into each other, exercising rigorously, and always finding new levels to get to. This means that you’ll see some muscles developing. You’ll get stronger, tougher and bigger. It’s one of the many perks of being a rugby player, and a lot of people love the way that they look. Upper body strength is a particular area that people gain in because they need that strength for throwing the ball or tackling people to get the ball.

Improved Agility

Something else which you will notice about playing rugby is that you’ll have enhanced agility from your training. Being quick off the mark and quick on your feet are vital attributes for a rugby player, as they need to adapt to the ever-changing situation on the pitch and then adjust their strategy accordingly. This will often mean that you need to make a sudden dash to seise the seconds of opportunity which are presented to you. A fitness benefit of rugby is, therefore, being able to improve your agility and find that you’re much faster and you’re capable of sudden bursts of speed as and when you need them.

Overall, these are just a few of the fitness benefits which come from playing rugby. People who are playing rugby on a regular basis will find that they can move at faster speeds, cope with more strain, and overall achieve a higher level of fitness than those who do not. There are many benefits to playing rugby, and these extend beyond the physical and fitness based activities, but these are some of the more important. People who play rugby will know that these physical based enhancements are vital when you’re out there in the thick of the game, and know that when you’re playing in the fast and furious world of rugby, you need to be quick on your feet and ready to take on anything. Being strong enough to do all of that is incredibly important for players.

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